Back to school on a budget…..Sports and clubs

Sports and clubs just hearing the title can make a parent sweat. Where we live our school has pay  to play. $100 for the first child, $75 for second and $50 for third. If your child is involved you pay it. It does not matter how many sports or activities. The school does offer help if you are having financial difficulties.

Our children have many activities: Varsity Cheerleader, link crew, Select choir, orchestra, debate team, baseball and Broomball. Each is exciting and fun, but does drain a parents bank account.

Our youngest daughter Lyndsey works at a local fruit market and pays for all her own activities and I just help every so often which is a blessing. I am very proud of her and I hope I am teaching her how to handle her money.

We also have a sports pass our school’s pass cost $200 for a family with this pass you can attend all home sporting events. It sounds like a lot of money, but in the long run it saves us. For Randy, the boys  and I to go to the games it is $22 each time. We go to all Lyndsey home games and don’t go to the away, unless it is a rival Perrysburg!

Benjamin our youngest Plays baseball and we bought his cleats, bat and pants at Play it again sports. It was in our budget and Ben was happy and that makes me smile!:)

Both of our boys are in orchestra and we went with renting  instruments. Now we own Jacob’s cello and I am hoping to own a viola for Ben soon. When you rent from Rettig in our area so much of each payment goes toward a purchase of a new instrument.

Lyndsey made select choir this year and it is her Senior year. We bought the required dress from a graduating senior. We paid $50 and new is right around $200.

With Cheerleading the first year was the hardest….buying all the things that go with it. The years since haven’t been as bad because we have everything.

Suit needed for speech and debate: We bought dress pants on sale at JC Penney and My folks bought him a new dress jacket. This was a total blessing and Jake looked great!

I don’t want to discourage my children from activities, so I need to find as many ways to save as I can. If you have any tips do share. Have a great day, Candy

One Response to “Back to school on a budget…..Sports and clubs”

  1. Monroe on a Budget Says:

    My daughter got her first business suit in high school, when she was making appearances / volunteering for a national military children’s committee. However, it also got put into service when she represented her school at FCCLA contests.

    You’ll also find the suits or “Sunday best” attire requested at scholarship receptions and senior awards ceremonies.

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