Back to school on a budget… school supplies

My dear friend Paula at Monroe on a budget has posted many of the sales for back to school and her tip for the day. I thought I would talk about school supplies in a different way.Our school supply stock up starts long before the start of school….it starts at the last day of school. When the kids bring their supplies home I go through what I think we can use again.

  • ruler, protector, calculators. You get the idea and we then take the inventory again before school starts.

I don’t buy everything at the same store either I store jump. I keep the supply list in my purse and when I see a good deal I cross it off and buy. Now with the kids all in high school I sometimes don’t know exactly what they need, but there certain things I will buy.

When I find a good deal on supplies I buy what I think we will need for that school season. We always need notebook paper, notebooks,  folders, pencils and index cards. When I find these supplies for a penny my heart sings. I keep a box mark school supplies and the kids can usual find what they need.

We live in the Maumee school and the kids are required to buy 2 locks from the school in 6th grade. Our children also turn these in at the end of the year and I give them back when school starts. they attach a piece of paper with the combination so they don’t forget over the summer. We learned this the hard way. I have had to call the school to get the combination.

I have to admit it is so hard for me not to buy crayons when they a 25¢ so I always buy a few even though the kids don’t need them and then we donate they for school drives.

Don’t forget Paula and I will be at the Rossford Library on August 9, 2010. I would also love to hear any tips you may have.

Tomorrow is Back to school on a budget…..clothes

One Response to “Back to school on a budget… school supplies”

  1. Monroe on a Budget Says:

    “Store jump” – yes, I do that too. If I don’t like the price for one item at a particular store, I wait.

    This year is probably the last year I’ll be doing school supplies because my daughter is in college. But I pointed out the Staples sales fliers to her in July and we went shopping. I told her which items were average price – and which ones were “best prices of the year.” She loaded up on all her folders and pens for about $8.

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