A New Year to reflect and get a warm feeling!

I love this time of you! I reflect on the frugal things we have done and not done. I guess you could say I get reinvigorated and start again!

This year has brought many new experiences to me and our family. As I reflect I know now closing our business was a good thing for us, but at the time I thought we were failures. Parents letting their children down.  I have been given wonderful opportunities and here are just a few.

  1. I have met wonderful frugal friends and they have given me wonderful ideas and tips. I was given the opportunity to teach what I have learned from Paula at Monroe on a budget, Kristy at the Rossford Library and Marilyn at Marilyn’s money.
  2. Our Family was one of WTOL’s Coping families. This made me see we are not alone. We all have a story and people do care for one another.
  3. Thank you for all your comments and tips. This year I really want to continue and help one another again. God’s blessing this New Year!

It’s cold outside and here are some of the things we are doing to keep us warm and toasty.

  • We do keep our furnace at 68 degrees. This doesn’t always keep me warm and toasty but I wear a sweater and when I get my gas bill I can:). I also like to push it and bump the heat down a little here and there and the family usually doesn’t know we have it set in the lower 60’s because I do it gradual.
  • In the evening shut those curtains and keep the heat in and when the sun is shining open those curtain and let the sun shine in to warm your rooms. I have also noticed when our windows are not locked I feel a draft so make sure your windows are locked.
  • Drafts under the door? We are making draft dodgers this weekend I found some easy to follow directions. I am going to try both ways and see what works better so I will keep you posted.
  • Moist air is warmer then dry air. When the furnace is on I turn on our humidifier I always seem to turn it off when the furnace is off because we get cold. I also Like to hang dry t shirts and this really adds moister to your air and helps your utility bill!
  • Closing off unused rooms helps. We have a very small home and a lot of people so we don’t have unused rooms but we do keep the bedroom doors closed. I like to sleep in a cooler room so it works great!
  • use rugs on bear floors- bare floors are cold floors and rugs will warm the room.
  • When I was a kid my dad would say “what do you think I am heating the outdoors, Shut that door!”  Make sure to shut the doors when you enter or exit your home.
  • I have been looking at window quilts these are quilts that you cover the windows and keep the heat in. The quilts look beautiful but I am thinking a beach towel will work also.

Have a great day and keep warm, Candy

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