Happy Earth Day/ Frugal Day!

I couldn’t let today pass without saying Happy Earth Day!  What are somethings we can do to preserve the earth and it’s resources? Here are a few I thought of and you may have some also. Earth day is kinda a frugal day and I love that!

  • For my family we recycle and we are blessed because were we live it is picked up each week and the city even gives us the containers or you could recycle and reuse. for example canning jars, plastic containers, finding a new use for something.
  • My dad made me a rain barrel for my garden and outside plant watering.
  • Buy used books in our area we have little used book store and The Goodwill also sells books. Pass books along after you read them.
  • Take shorter showers and conserve water.
  • Have a garden and give to the land and your budget!
  • Compost for rich vitamin filled earth
  • Make reusable totes for your grocery shopping, ok you could buy them I just wanted to stay on my frugal theme. I like the plastic bags like the rest of you and they were made to save trees but they are becoming a problem as litter for the earth.
  • Here is a freebie I found thank to Monroe on a Budget and wanted to place along

– Receive a rebate for a free Reynolds wrap aluminum foil make sure to read the details.

If you find any freebies in honor of Earth day please lets us know and we will share. Happy frugal Earth Day! Candy

One Response to “Happy Earth Day/ Frugal Day!”

  1. LeAnn Says:

    Go to Walgreens.com and print out a coupon for Earth Day and get a free green shopping bag with any purchase plus the coupon will get you 15% off eligible store items and 20% off Wallgreen brand products. I am going to go back again tonight and get my free Edge shaving cream and pick up the free green shopping bag. Now by free I mean buy it for 2.99 the get a register receipt for 2.99 for something else.

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