Time to start your vegetable seeds

This year I am really going to work my bit of earth. Our First Lady is having a garden on the south lawn. Michelle Obama said even the President will be pulling weeds.  I heard a report that with a $70 investment you can save up to $600 on your grocery bill.  I know I didn’t spend that, but I feel I can grow that amount.  I bought most of my seeds at the dollar store and it was 3/$1.00 and got the rest from garden session I took  earlier this month  at our local community garden. I learned so many things and I really want to grow my own produce and grow enough to share. I have been thinking,  if all who are planting gardens , planted an extra row and give to those who may be struggling or out of work, will help spread more then our own food budgets.

This morning I couldn’t sleep so I got up and  made some of my own paper pots.  Here is the  how to make the paper pots and I made mine a little smaller and used a vitamin pill bottle.


I am excited to see how my garden will grow before it is outside, This is a new experience that I was told about at the garden session I went to. By starting our seeds inside we are extending our gardening season. Randy said “boy it smells like dirt in here.”  I guess he is right but all good produce starts with a little dirt.  When I was picking out my seeds there were different types of containers and holders that are like green houses, I thought there has to be a cheaper way and I found this online and thought I would share create your own mini green house

Here is a free e-book how- to “vegetable gardening” from Joe Gardener

I will keep you updated if I can really start my garden in the house. God’s Blessings and my friends, Start your…….. Seeds!  Candy

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One Response to “Time to start your vegetable seeds”

  1. Kelly Says:

    I am totally going to do this! definitly keep me updated how it goes. i am not much of a veggie eater, but my hubby sure is.:)

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