Grocery and food tips

I have been racking my brain for a few days on what would be good for us to talk about today.  I usually have no problem finding things to talk about. When I was a little girl my grandpa used to call me Windy because I talked to much.

Grocery and food tips:

These are tips and ideas I have found along the way in my frugal journey!

Rubber spatulas- Save money by scraping the entire product and making it good to the last drop.

Save bread bags, you can use them freeze raspberries and Bananas in them.

Coupons if you have them.  * There are Internet coupons you can print that are a real help. Coupon trains are when I have a coupon I don’t need I pass it for one I do.

Shop the perimeter of the store for your items. Example: I found summer sausage in the center isle of the store for 3.99 and as I was shopping for other items there was another display for summer sausage on the outside wall for 2.99 same size, brand.

Stores are set up so we spend more money. Milk and food staples are always at the back point of the store. Why so you pass all the other items and buy more. You can’t blame them it’s a great idea. They have great marketing strategies and they know how to catch you.

Shred you own cheese and save money. You can freeze shredded cheese without any change in texture and it isn’t good if you refreeze it.

Bagged / store brand cereal are a better deal usually compared to boxed. Some coupons give you great deals on name brands. *some of my frugal friends have been using the wax paper from the cereal bag to wrap meat to freeze. They rinse the cereal bag and let it air dry then used to to wrap their meat before they freeze it. I have tried it yet.*

Minimize the use of convenience foods. This will save on money and your health most convenience foods have a lot of sodium in them.

Become a club member with a friend and split the order and it’s a way to get with your good friend while you shop. In Ohio we have a store that is like a club store but you do not pay to get in, Gordon foods. This is also an option to bulk items without the added expense.

Celery and lettuce will last longer in a paper bad in fridge. Now I know why they are in plastic, so we will have to buy them sooner!

Apples will keep longer if they don’t touch each other. This really does work. I have a great guest post about peaches touching on Another Valuable Lesson

Save butter wrappers in a plastic bag in fridge. Then when you need to grease a pan it is easy to do a very frugal idea.

Coffee got a film on it and taste old? Try 3 pennies on the burner between the pot and burner and viola no more scum and taste great! This one works and it was funny when my youngest couldn’t figure out why there were pennies on the burner of the coffee machine.

Butter stretcher- gradually beat 2 cups evaporated milk to 1 lb. butter. Pour into dish and chill.

Keep cheese from drying out. Wrap a damp cloth with vinegar on it. At our home I don’t seem to have to do this Ben, my youngest is a real cheese eater!

Crackers stored in the refrigerator last longer.

Garlic can be stored in freezer. When ready to use, peel, chop all before thawing. The garlic is a little soggy after freezing but it taste great.

Need only a half of an onion? Rub cut side with butter before you put in fridge and it will last longer.

Beans are a great budget stretcher. Low fat, high fiber and cheap!

Rice and noodles also make things stretch.

Rice is a great stretcher when you make why not make a few more meals worth and freeze. Each freezer bag holds about 3 cups and freeze. It is best to let the rice cool before your freeze.

Community or Church dinners are a cheaper meal they are usually a free will offering and this will help you budget and you may love the fellowship and find a church.

Potlucks – Everyone brings something and you have a meal!

Cut back on paper products, today’s families use tons and this is an easy way to save money and help the environment.

Make your own baby food. Our first child we bought everything and by the time our youngest came along we made everything. We would have the vegetable the baby was suppose to try that day and cook it and just smash it up and viola instant baby food. Make them up pour into an ice cube tray and when they baby need it just thaw them out and eat in a small pan. The microwave may take vitamins and minerals

Canning and freezing is a lot of work but you get such a sense of accomplishment. My dear friend Robin taught me this one, always have a buddy and it makes your work lighter and fun. We would share produce and work together.

Pack lunches for work and school and save money and use some of those leftovers.  Bring your own drinks and save even more money.

Save bread heels no one wants to eat. Freeze for making bread crumbs. When the bread is frozen scrap to make easy bread crumbs. You can also season your breadcrumbs to get your favorite flavor.

Homemade Italian Bread Crumbs:

2 cups stale bread or 10-12 slices

1 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoons parsley flakes
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1 teaspoon onion powder
1 teaspoon oregano
1 1/4 cups freshly grated Parmesan

Heat oven to 250 degrees F.

Arrange bread in a single layer on a baking sheet. Bake for 20 minutes, until the bread is crisp and dry. Allow to cool completely, and the break into small pieces.  Now, TV hosts always then use a food processor to make bread crumbs.  Nice.  If you have one.  I do not.  So, I just throw the very crisp, toasted and cooled off bread into a plastic bag, and then, with my pastry roller, I smash them up into tiny pieces.

Once your bread is crumbs, you can season it to your hearts content.  If you are going for the traditional flavor of Italian Bread Crumbs, add the ingredients as above, and store, tightly covered in your refrigerator for about 2 months.

Preheat your oven to 425 degrees F.

We also turn the heel over so the crust is in the inside of the sandwich and they will eat it.

Pop your own popcorn instead of prepackaged and save money on snacks like chips. Popcorn is healthier also.

**You own homemade Microwave popcorn-

¼ C. popcorn kernels

1t. oil

Salt to taste or popcorn seasoning

Pour into a paper lunch bag fold top of bag over twice and place in the microwave and let pop until the pops are 3-5 second apart. Mine in 2:55. This really works and saves money.

I am still Windy and I’ll continue on tomorrow. If you have any tips to add please comment me and I will share. God’s Blessings, Candy

2 Responses to “Grocery and food tips”

  1. smitsda1 Says:

    Paper liners from cereal boxes are the best! Did you know that is a Depression era habit? Just slide a sandwich or chips into a smaller one; fold up the paper & close with one of those many free address stickers (cut off the name/address part if privacy is an issue) or left-over rubber band/ or twist tie. Husband & I aren’t huge bread eaters but occasionally buy clearance whole grain from Kroger, etc.’s bakery or I’ll bake some myself. To freeze the loaf I cut open a clean paper cereal box liner & begin layering 1 slice of bread & then fold the paper accordian style & place another slice on top of that. I keep going until the entire loaf is done. Slip back the loaf back into the original plastic bag & you can even put that into a larger cereal liner bag to prevent frost. Close the bags with a left over twist tie or piece of masking tape… much cheaper than freezer tape! Then you can take bread out as you need it & haven’t used 1 Ziploc, etc. bag in the process. Works well for other things like bacon, hand pressed burger patties etc.

  2. dealwithitsimply Says:

    smitsda1, Thank you for the great tips, I can’t wait to try. Candy

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