Wedding Shower Time….

Last weekend, my oldest Kelsey hosted a wedding shower and me being Polish have my own ideas of how a shower should run, but she had different ideas. We ran with her ideas and it is ok if everyone doesn’t leave with a purchased prize. Kelsey made these paper flowers with seeds and the guest can plant them in their yard and they will bloom. Reminding them of the couples love! Here is how to make them at  How She Does I love this site!

The cake I would have bought the classic party cake $16.99 at Costco well they opted for the brides favorite… Carrot cake 3 round and they put glass under them to raise them to different levels.

Decorations; I would have went with wedding bells and crate paper, but they went for a Gerber daisy and their paper flowers. It was a simply and elegant shower.  My daughter taught me a thing or two about being elegant and  frugal

Old frugal learning new tricks! Have a blessed day, Candy

One Response to “Wedding Shower Time….”

  1. Missy Says:

    Your flowers turned out so great! Thanks for the link back. Hope it all works out wonderful!

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